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Megyn Kelly Is ‘Milking’ #MeToo, NBC Staffers Say

There is fresh speculation that Megyn Kelly is on her way out the door at NBC

after she was accused by an insider of “milking” the #MeToo movement.

Earlier this week there was feverish online speculation that Kelly might be

looking to reposition herself as a more conservative voice when she attacked one

of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers and retweeted messages posted in support of the judge.


The latest bit of sniping comes after Kelly told

 Us Weekly that she has inside

information about the network’s former star anchor, Matt Lauer,

who was forced to resign in disgrace in the wake of sexual-harassment allegations.

“I know too much that others don’t know,”

Kelly said after the mag asked if she thought Lauer could ever make a comeback.

“I feel very strongly about the #MeToo coverage,

the importance of doing it without fear or favor.”

The provocative comment did not go over well with some staffers at

NBC who were quick to speak out.

“There were a lot of eye-rolls. What does she really know?

She’s not close to anyone here,”

 an insider told Page Six.

“She’s milking the #MeToo movement.

People are counting down the days until she’s gone.”

An NBC rep denied the story, telling Page Six:

“Whoever is saying this is trying to start a war that doesn’t exist.

Her show is empowering and engaging,

and we’re especially proud of her coverage of . . . #MeToo.”

Kelly has been seen as a natural choice to cover #MeToo due to her

experience of being harassed by former Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

However she has struggled to connect with

viewers and deliver ratings from

day one at NBC, and has been constantly bedeviled by

speculation about her future.

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