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Katy Perry Sweetly Tells Orlando Bloom She ‘Made The Right Choice’

It looks like after three years of being together, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still going strong. That being said, one report claims the singer is very happy with her choice.

As fans may remember, Katy and Orlando sparked dating rumors for the first time back in 2016 after a Golden Globes after-party.

Since then, they have had a couple of problems, and they even split for a bit at some point but they were quick to reunite, and they have been making it work!

Bloom and Perry have not been keeping their relationship under wraps either, showing off their love in all kinds of settings and ways!

Perry even rocked an Orlando themed onesie to show her love.

They are also spotted during dates and vacations quite a lot, and they always pack the PDA with no problem!

Their fans are super happy they seem to be going the long way.

Speaking of, some followers were able to notice a very sweet comment dedicated to the actor before his 42nd birthday tomorrow.

Bloom posted some photos from set, one including his dog as well, and wrote in the caption:

‘Last selfie on a set in my 41st year…i am grateful, and as I contemplate the passage of time I feel age is just a number and we aren’t…we ARE the choices that we make, the words that we speak, the thoughts which we create and actions we take…they all shape our reality. As I say to myself and my son…make smart choices…’

In a comment that is now deleted, Perry told her man: ‘Glad I made the right choice doe. Happy birthday, angel.’ Aww….

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