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Kevin Costner Slams U.S. Politics — Is He Going After Donald Trump?

Kevin Costner is not at all too happy with the current state of U.S. politics, and he wants the world to know that.

The actor recently spoke out about his disapproval of the current political scene in the country and claimed that a lot has happened in the past few years, enough to completely transform the situation into something that he could barely recognize anymore.

He explained: “Shame on us for being in that spot. That could change overnight, not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.”

He added: “This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America. This great idea about America still exists; it’s still here. People still want to come here, but we’re not first in hardly anything that matters, and we have an inflated idea about how we are.”

Costner went on to point out that many people bear a responsibility in this situation, and that the nation as a whole should feel ashamed for getting into that position in the first place.

He added that the people of this country have the power to change things in their hands, and it is not just about voting for the right person; it also requires going out and making a real change in the streets.

Costner also joked about how he saw the U.S. — at least in its current state — as an “experiment in humankind.”

He explained his position by pointing out that America is still there in its full capacity, but it is no longer first in anything, and many people within the country seem to have an inflated idea about their position in the world according to the actor.

The Hollywood legend added: “We exaggerate about what we are. We are everything that’s great, and we are everything that’s human. And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great.”

It is not clear if the actor was referring to U.S. citizens or people in politics.

His statements about an inflated ego could have easily referred to President Donald Trump, according to some, although the actor did not clarify his position.

In any case, his statement seems to have resonated well with many, as it has been repeated multiple times afterward.

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