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Joel Courtney is married

Joel Courtney has got married.

The ‘Kissing Booth’ actor tied the knot with his “best friend” Mia Scholink – who he got engaged to in February – at an outdoor ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona, on 27 September and couldn’t be happier.

He said: “I am just so thrilled to be married.

“It’s one of those things where as much planning and as much anticipation goes into the day, I’m so excited to be married to my best friend.”

The 24-year-old star’s parents are likely to be thrilled by the union because they have known 23-year-old Mia’s family since before their children were born.

He explained: “My parents knew Mia’s parents before either one of us were born.

“My dad did some web development work for her dad’s business, and they met through church and by the time Mia and I were born, we hung out for three or four years running around in diapers and play dates — not just us, but our siblings.

“There are multiple photos where all five of the Scholink kids and all four of the Courtney kids are sitting around a table eating sandwiches and we’re all under the age of 14. It was so cool.”

However, things didn’t turn romantic for the couple until 2015, but the romance was short-lived before they decided to give it another go last year.

Joel explained: “We reconnected in 2015 and started dating in 2017. We dated for a year and we broke up for a little bit of time and then started dating again in 2019 and it moved really quickly after that.”

While Joel’s fans may be disappointed that he’s off the market, they had some good news recently after Netflix confirmed that not only is there a third ‘Kissing Booth’ movie on the way, but it’s already been filmed.

Joel said: “We filmed two and three at the exact same time.”

His co-star Joey King added: “It was the hardest secret to keep… In one day we’d be filming both.”

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