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Brie &; Nikki Bella Are Moving: All the Details on Their New Lives in a New City

The Bella Twins are bidding adieu to Arizona!

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella revealed the news on Wednesday, Oct. 21’s episode of The Bellas Podcast, putting an end to speculation first sparked by reports that their Phoenix houses were up for sale.

“It’s really funny because I saw a lot of people on social media like, ‘Woah, did she just move? Or what’s going on?'” Brie began. “And I know people were confused ’cause I was dead silent about it forever, but you know, after some situations that happened at WWE with some of the Superstars, and then my sister’s address getting leaked out with TMZ, I knew the minute my house would go up for sale, it would get leaked out.”

Wanting to maintain some semblance of privacy, the Total Bellas star decided to keep quiet about the decision until she felt “comfortable” talking about it—which is now!

So where are Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) and their two kids, Birdie and Buddy, headed to?

“Yes, I moved to Napa Valley!” Brie revealed. “I feel like everyone’s like, ‘Duh, of course they did.’ You know, my sister and I have always loved Napa Valley. We have a wine here. We’re always here.”

Nikki soon chimed in dropping a bombshell of her own: “And guess what? I’m doing it with you.”

“There’s the big surprise,” she added. “I’m also moving to Napa Valley—well not just me, but my family, Artem [Chigvintsev]Matteo and I.”

Nikki continued, “I know everyone was trying to figure out, ‘Well, why did she sell her home in Phoenix?’ We had to be with Artem in L.A. and that is the truth, but after Dancing With the Stars is over, we will be moving over to Napa Valley as well.”

While her decision was clearly influenced by her sister’s, Brie didn’t go into details about what inspired her family to relocate.

She did, however, divulge that everything will be revealed on the new season of Total Bellas!

“It was a very last-minute move that happened very spontaneously, but the cameras of Total Bellas of course caught everything,” Brie explained. “And I feel like I should just let the magic happen on TV; let you guys find out on television why we decided to move, because it is a little bonkers.”

Nikki agreed, telling her she had to “save it.”

“Because it involves me and it’s a fun surprise!” she added.

Nikki and Artem already have a home in Napa Valley, and Brie and Bryan are currently settling into theirs.

“We majorly downsized. We wanted to be more simple,” Brie noted. “You guys have always known how Bryan and I are, so we just were like, we need to get back to who we were before kids and let’s simplify our life and live more country. And we’re doing it.”

Even Nikki, who described herself as “the boujee twin,” is ready to do the same.

“We downsized as well because the Danielsons rubbed off on us in COVID,” Nikki said. “And just seeing a summer in Arizona, I mean, I already believed in global warming, well then I really believed in global warming. I mean, my water broke because it was 118 degrees.”

Nikki continued, “I’ve always loved the finer things in life and I will say, the one thing COVID taught me was to simplify my life in all areas. I just started to look at all my things and I was like, what does this really mean? What does this mean when we’re in this situation? What do I really want my money to go towards? For me it was like, seeing beautiful parts of the world, having amazing experiences and new memories with my family.”

So when she and Brie got to talking, the idea of downsizing never sounded more appealing.

And even though Brie was the first to make the jump, moving “was definitely a twin decision.”

“Our poor guys,” they joked.

While the twins will be able to dedicate more time to their wine business, they revealed that they have another venture in mind.

“Brie and I have some plans for downtown Napa Valley that we wanna Bellafy there,” Nikki said. “So we’re hoping those dreams come true, and it’s going to be amazing. My guess would be people from all over the world will want to travel to come have fun.”

Nikki didn’t give any more details, but Brie did note that their joint vision board has “a spot we want to open in downtown Napa.”

Whatever they’ve got planned, we can’t wait to see it all play out on season six of Total Bellas.

Plus, fans of the E! show will get to experience both Brie and Nikki’s pregnancy journeys, in addition to meeting Buddy and Matteo!

The two already seem to have their own bond, as Brie described Buddy as Matteo’s “comfort blanket” on the podcast.

Nikki added, “It is crazy because he’ll be really upset and then when Brie came over with Buddy, it was crazy how calm he got. I’m like ‘Oh my gosh! He’s like his little pacifier.'”

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