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Liam Payne splits from fiancee Maya Henry after 10-month engagement and blames himself.

Liam Payne admitted he’s “not been very good at relationships” as he confirmed his romance with model Maya Henry has bitten the dust
Liam Payne has called off his engagement to model Maya Henry, citing disappointment in himself for “hurting people”.

The former One Direction singer, who first got together with Maya in August 2018, confirmed they’d split in a podcast, telling Steven Barlett on Diary of a CEO “it had to happen”.

Asked what his relationship status is now, Liam said he is single.

“I feel like more than anything at this point, I’m more disappointed in myself that I keep on hurting people. That annoys me. I’ve just not been very good at relationships,” he confessed

“And I know what my pattern of things is with relationships at this point.

“I’m just not very good at them so I just need to work on myself before I put myself on to somebody else.”

He went on: “That’s where I got to in my last relationship. I just wasn’t giving a very good version of me anymore, that I didn’t appreciate and I didn’t like being. I can honestly say I feel better out of it.

“I didn’t feel good doing what I did but it had to happen. Just a corny way to say it was the best for us both.”

The pair had moved in together during the first lockdown, but sparked separation rumours in 2020 when they weren’t seen together – even on social media – until the Black Lives Matter protests in London last summer.

Then in late August they were spotted out at a restaurant with Maya wearing an enormous diamond ring on her left hand, and sources close to the couple confirmed they were indeed engaged after two years together.

Liam had popped the question with a £3million ring and the pair looked set for marital bliss.

But in a shock move, Liam insinuated it was his decision to end their relationship due to his own behaviour.

“I know I was the problem and I have to sort myself out. I already feel good. It’s got my more concentrated and I hope she’s happy.”

Liam also admitted he was “pushed” into doing therapy the first time round, and reacted badly to it.

But this time he’s “thrown himself” back into it, saying he had been “living my life for other people”.

Joking on the podcast later about his previous relationships – which include the mother of his son Cheryl Cole and supermodel Naomi Campbell – Liam laughed that “it would be a weird room” if all of his exes got together in the same place.

“I’d be out,” he laughed.

Asked why he thinks he’s bad at relationships, Liam said he puts on a front and gives a fake version of himself at the start.

“The biggest problem we have, I’m a proper perfectionist. At the start of the relationship you put out a completely false character, like I might as well go in in costume at this point.

“The person is absent from the room, it’s like they’ve tag-teamed on the way in. Like, ‘oh it’s you for this bit, I’ll join you later on’. I need to stop doing that.

“I struggle to be on my own sometimes and I think I dive in and out of relationships too quickly. I need a minute out. I need to check myself,” he added.

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