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6 simple tips to keep your teeth healthy at home

Having a bright, healthy smile is one of our holy grails. We’re not talking about an ultra-fake look, but a natural smile that radiates health. After all, teeth are one of the first things we notice about other people – so ensuring your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible has to be a priority. Looking after your smile at home is key, especially as it’s not always possible to get to the dentist. There’s never been a better time to share some pro tips from TePe on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy at home…

1. Remember the 60/40 rule

Did you know that a tooth has five sides and that toothbrushing alone only cleans up to 60% of your teeth? The remaining 40% can be reached by cleaning interdentally, something you should aim to be doing at least once a day to keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean. You can use a whole host of products to clean in between your teeth, but we swear by the TePe® Interdental Brushes, which get in between the teeth really easily and come in varying sizes, to suit the gaps between each tooth.

2. Save up your snacks

Snacks are king but not so much for your teeth. It’s no secret that sugars and acids damage the teeth, but it’s not just about what you’re snacking on – but how frequently you’re snacking. Every time you eat or drink something, it feeds the bacteria in your mouth which produces acids; this acid attacks your teeth and can increase your chances of tooth decay and erosion. Try to limit the amount of times you snack in a day and swap your naughty treats for sugar free options, such as carrots or celery – they’re much kinder to your teeth.

3. Drink more water

Not only will your skin thank you for upping the H2O intake, but your teeth will too. Like snacking, frequent intake of fluids that contain sugar, even fruit sugars will cause an acid attack. Replacing these with water helps to rinse away any acid in the mouth after meals and snacks, keeping your mouth fresh and helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Treat yourself to a stylish reusable water bottle to keep up momentum.

4. Freshen up after meals

To help keep your mouth fresh and clean during the day, keep a TePe EasyPick™ handy to remove trapped food after meals. For freshness and healthy teeth follow up with a piece of minty sugar free chewing gum to help re-mineralise the teeth and freshen your breath.


Don’t forget the 60/40 rule and double-cleanse your teeth

5. Be your own hygienist

Why not check for yourself just how effectively you are brushing? You can do this easily by using a disclosing tablet after you have brushed and cleaned between. Disclosing tablets contain a vegetable food dye that ‘discloses’ the difficult to see plaque by dying it blue – making it easier to see where you are missing. Simply pop one in the mouth, chew it and then lick the resulting solution around your teeth, rinse out with some water and see for yourself how good you are with your brushing and interdental cleaning technique.

6. Revamp your nightly routine

Resist the temptation to skip brushing and cleaning in-between come bedtime – think of it as an essential part of your PM routine, just like removing your make-up or layering on skincare products. Your nightly oral hygiene routine is like a double cleanse for your skin; brushing for two minutes first, with a fluoride-based toothpaste, takes the day off and following up by cleaning interdentally with TePe® Interdental Brushes is that all-important second cleanse. The brushes are small enough to reach places your toothbrush can’t and are perfect for removing plaque and bacteria build up before bed.

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